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Pizza Boxes

Only clean portions of pizza boxes (completely free of grease and food) can be recycled with your paper and cardboard. Soiled portions should be thrown away as trash. Soiled pizza boxes can be composted.

Scrap Metal

Many metal items (like bicycles or BBQ grills) can be repaired, sold or donated to extend their useful life.  Discarding scrap metal (aluminum, steel, iron, lead, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze) as trash is banned by State regulations.  To recycle any metal item, it should be at least 50% metal by weight and separated from […]

Aluminum Siding

See “Scrap metal”

Motor Oil

The AutoZone in Shrewsbury accepts used motor oil for recycling.

Auto / Marine / Lead Batteries

Every AutoZone store accepts used batteries for recycling.

Plastic Bags

These are not accepted at curbside. Instead take them back to the grocer. They should have a plastic bag recycling container usually located in the entrance way or customer service area. Store specific info: Price Chopper on Rt 9 Shrewsbury -> bin is located in the walk way past the outer doors. Stop & Shop […]