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Reuse: For usable left over supplies contact scout leaders, preschools, and/or local town recreation dept. Recycle: old crayons go to Schools can recycle Elmer’s glue bottles and sticks through


Unwanted mail and catalogs are recyclable, but it makes more sense to reduce them at the source: • – a free service that gets your name off commercial mailing lists (; • Catalog Choice – a free service that puts a stop to the delivery of unwanted catalogs; • – a free […]

Paper Shredding

Your shredded paper can go in with your paper recycling if in paper bag or approved bag by your vendor E.L Harvey does shredding on site Universal Shredding, 877.SHRED.44 ProShred

Pizza Boxes

Only clean portions of pizza boxes (completely free of grease and food) can be recycled with your paper and cardboard. Soiled portions should be thrown away as trash. Soiled pizza boxes can be composted.