Topic: Composting

Host: Melisa Hollenback and Jason Molina

Guest: Papa's Hardware

Air Date: August 2015

Topic: Recycling Tips from the Pros

Host: Melisa Hollenback

Guest: Irene M. Congdon, Mass DEP Regional Recycling Coordinator

Air Date: April 03, 2014

Topic: Foam Recycling

Host: Jason Molina

Guests: Dave & Barbara Sherman from ReFoamIt

Air Date: December 2013

Topic: Hauling Shrewsbury's Waste

Host: Melisa Hollenback

Guest: Marc Pellegrino, PPellegrino Trucking

Air Date: 2013

Topic: Habitat for Humanity ReStore Facility Tour

Host: Missy Hollenback

Guests: Donna Rudek and Debbie Hoak, Habitat for Humanity - ReStore

Air Date: 2013