If your unwanted paint was purchased recently and is in good condition, consider donating it for use instead of throwing it away. Many school/community theatre groups and charitable organizations (such as Habitat for Humanity) will accept quality paint products. You may also offer it for reuse through Petroleum (oil-based) paints, stains, thinners, and varnishes are considered hazardous materials, requiring proper disposal (see “Hazardous Household Waste”). Latex paint and water-based stains are accepted at Devens hazardous waste collections, but may not be at other sites, but it can be thrown away when completely hardened. Speed up the process by adding paint hardener (available in hardware stores) or by stirring in clean kitty litter to the consistency of thick oatmeal and allowing the mix to harden for 3-5 days. When there are no free-flowing liquids, you may place the open paint can (without the lid) in your household trash.