Scrap Metal

Many metal items (like bicycles or BBQ grills) can be repaired, sold or donated to extend their useful life.  Discarding scrap metal (aluminum, steel, iron, lead, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze) as trash is banned by State regulations.  To recycle any metal item, it should be at least 50% metal by weight and separated from any contaminating materials as much as possible.  Some scrap metal items contain toxic or pressurized materials that require special handling, including batteries, propane tanks and ballasts.  Contact your community representative* to find out if scrap metal is accepted at your recycling/transfer station.  Other guidelines include:

  • Scrap metal dimensions should be less than 4’ in length;
  • Remove all doors from refrigerators & freezers prior to recycling;
  • Chain link and wire fencing should be rolled into compact segments;
  • Empty all fluids (gasoline, oil) and remove batteries from power equipment;
  • Metal paint cans must be completely empty and dry; and
  • Automotive parts (including engine blocks) require special handling; check the Yellow Pages under “Auto Wreckers and Salvage”.
  • CK Appliance , 540 Franklin Street, Worcester (508) 755-4454
  • Schnitzer Northeast, 20 Nippnapp Trail, Worcester (508) 754-3380
  • Frankensteins, 13 Southgate Place, Worcester (508) 831-7170
  • Goldstein Scrap Metal, Worcester (508) 754-5711